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January 30, 2010 at 6:31 am | Posted in accessories, resources | 2 Comments
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WSH is one of my favorite resources for a few reasons. I love just visiting the store for great design ideas and I also tend to buy candles, pillows, bath soaps, table linens and napkin rings from here. Most of the time I buy things when they go on sale. WSH is one my high end items that I like to sprinkle throughout my home.

My only gripe is my china I started buying a few years back piece by piece because one it was pricey and two they promised me they would never stop selling it because it was made by Spode and they have been in business for as long as anyone can remember. Well, just my luck Spode was sold about a year or so and they stopped making my china. Now I’m left with about 5 missing pieces. I’m hoping they make their way to Ebay soon!

Today I’ll talk about pillows, of course one of the easiest way to change a room. I’m completely guilty of changing my pillows a few times each year!

(Needlepoint pillows for $49.99, I’m a total sucker for any sort of dog silhouette.)

(Bird print $88.00, I’m completely in love with the color and I’m drawn to birds even though real birds totally freak me out!)

(What’s a post without a little Ikat? Floor pillow for $128.00)

What’s a pillow without a throw??

(Totally indulgence but a girl can dream, cashmere safari throws for $298.00)

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!!



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  1. That is rotten that they stopped making your pattern. Another source, besides ebay is replacements.com. I have found a few pieces there to match what I have.

    Love the bird pillow!

  2. I agree I was pretty miffed, it was a big investment. Thanks for the website, I will for sure take a look!!

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