FLOR for your floors!

January 16, 2010 at 1:50 am | Posted in bedroom, flooring, resources | 1 Comment
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It’s Resource Friday and it goes without saying Flor is one of my favorite resources! (But of course everything I post on Friday is my favorite!)

I’ve loved FLOR for years and have their rugs in a few places throughout my home. I like them so much that I did a research paper on the product a few years ago in my materials and application class. Luckily for you I won’t post it!

It’s a really cool idea, it consists of 19.7 inch squares and comes in lots of different colors and patterns that you can mix and match. The great thing is you can make up your own style and chose how big or small you want the rug to be, you can make a doormat and go as big as covering the entire floor. Installation is super easy too, they come with FLOR dots which is basically like a gel-like round quarter sized sticker that holds the rug in place and doesn’t require glue, nails or any kind of padding.

What I like best about FLOR is that if you spill something on the carpet you simple pick up the individual square and wash it and if it’s really bad you just replace that individual tile. I’ve never had to replaced a tile yet, they are really durable. When you grow tired of the rug instead of throwing it away and letting it rot in a landfill you can sent it back to the company and they recycle it!

(My bedroom, the style is called toy poodle, it has many colors you can chose)

(Black and White Rug Kit, which is on my want list for my new house!)

(Fuzzy button rug kit)

(Martha Stewart Needlepoint Stripe)

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!


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  1. Love your bedroom and I love the black and white too! black and white is really in right now. oh heck, I love them all.

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