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Resource Friday is back! Are you guys sick of shopping yet? Of course I’m not!

I don’t want to jinx things but we’re about hours of way of sealing the deal on purchasing a new home. More news of course next week but if anyone knows me I’m already designing the house in my head!

My focus seems to be on lighting lately, I truly think it makes the room and it also increases the price of your house, so win, win!

ZGallerie has great everything but today I’m focusing on their lighting, specifically chandeliers. All of them are killer and I should just post them all but these are my 5 favorites.

The “Erto” chandelier ($399) Its a little bit modern and a little bit traditional but alot cool!

The “Glass Links” chandelier ($299) is super cool too and I have this need to touch it so I can hear the glass links hit each other.

The “Gold Capiz” hanging lamp ($349) is probably my favorite of the 5. I like the color and I like the shape of it and think it would look great in my new dining room!

The “Jupiter” chandelier ($399) is beautiful, its modern and pretty and I think a bit feminine too.

The last one is “Venezia” chandelier ($249) lovely and traditional.

Do you guys have a favorite in this bunch?

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!!



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  1. I love the first one!!! But like you, really like them all…and they all look like your style!

    I am keeping my fingers crossed on the house!! Is it the one that we looked at online on Christmas Eve???

  2. Yep, that’s the one, we’ll probably seal the deal on Monday!

  3. Thanks for the post, I always forget about going to them for lighting, but I totally should. Great designs!

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