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Not only is Apartment Therapy one of my favorite blogs they also have produced some of my favorite books too. My favorite is Apartment Therapy presents real homes, real people hundreds of real design solutions.

The reason I love this book is completely explained in the title itself, the photos are of real people’s homes showing how they really live, whether it be a small studio space to a 2,100 sq. ft. home. I also like that most of the homes are not interior designers, they are people of all different types of backgrounds, although many of them are in some sort of artistic field. The book is like a dream come true for a girl like me that is nosey about how other people live.

My favorite part of the book is the survey’s they do at the end of each person’s feature. So, I thought for fun I’d answer Apartment Therapy’s Survey for my own home.

Style: Eclectic for sure, perhaps traditional modern!

Inspiration: My paint colors, I used various colors from Restoration Hardware and the rooms flow together because of it. Our home is old and the paint colors fit with the year of the house.

Favorite Element: The marble in my bathroom. I have always loved the way marble feels.

Biggest Challenge: My husband, he’s brilliant as all get out but can never picture my design or vision when I start a project and always questions it, luckily in the end he always likes it!

What Friends Say: That our place is comfy and homey, which I find the best compliment you can get!

Biggest Embarrassment: Our laundry room, its organized and big but plain and boring and in the basement, I dream of a laundry room on the main level with cabinets with a built in ironing board and countertops to fold clothes.

Proudest DIY Moment: We’ve basically re-done every square inch of the house but the proudest moment would be the basement because we did it all by ourselves and worked our butts off and did in on a super tight budget.

Biggest Indulgence: Perhaps our kitchen appliances but appliances probably aren’t as indulgent as my collection of Jonathan Adler pottery.

Best Advice: Take your time when designing your room, don’t buy things to fill up the space, go without until you can buy what you really want. I guarantee if you buy something and you don’t like it, everytime you look at it won’t bring you any joy. Oh and put a dimmer in every room, low lighting at night sets the mood and makes things look better, including you!

Dream Source: It seems to always be changing but currently Midland Antiques and Room and Board. Midland Antiques for quirky pieces others may not have and Room and Board that I can best describe as timeless, modern and classic.


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