Roses for Christmas and An Advent Calendar Too

December 22, 2009 at 7:09 am | Posted in flower and greenery, holiday decorating | 2 Comments
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To be honest I’m usually not a rose kind of girl, I’ve always preferred daisies or tulips but I couldn’t pass these up because they were marked down 50% at Walmart, so a dozen roses cost me a whopping $5.00!

I divided them in 2 and made 2 arrangements. I also stopped at the park on my way home and picked up some free greenery. The first arrangement is on the coffee table next to an angel tin my daughter made for me when she was 3 years old.

The second arrangement is on our media case.

I also tried something different this year with our Advent calendar. I usually buy little gifts but now that my daughter is getting older the gifts are getting a bit more expensive (jacks and silly erasers vs. makeup) and I didn’t want that to be the meaning behind the calendar. This year I decide to put pieces of paper in each slot and tell Sloan the reasons I loved her and surprisingly she told me yesterday she loved this years calendar better then the years past!



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  1. You are such a sweet mom!

  2. I love the Advent Calendar idea this year…words of love are way more valuable than make-up, bling and other such trinkets!!

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