High End – Low End Garden Stools

December 18, 2009 at 7:55 am | Posted in furniture | 3 Comments
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I have wanted a garden stool for probably 15 years, seriously, its just one of those those items I always pass in the store and think I should buy that but never do, mainly because of the price.

If you go online and look you will see that some stools are more then $760.00! Seriously!

The high end stool I picked to showcase today does not cost that much, I mean really $760?! The one I chose is from Inside Avenue and is $240.00. I chose this one because it’s the closest to my steal of the century!

My garden stool is from Big Lots! Yep, that’s right! Ever shop there before? To be honest I never had, but I recently was reading one of my design blogs (I’m sorry I can’t remember which one!) and they mentioned how they were kicking themselves for NOT getting one. Soooo guess how much I paid for it? A whopping $20.00!! I had to go to 3 stores to get it but totally worth it!

I’m not really sure where it will permanently end up but for now its upstairs in my loft.

Big Lots is on my resource list now!!



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  1. I love a good bargain hunt!! It pairs really well with your wicker chaise!!

  2. I am stunned (and driving to Big Lots just as soon as it is open)! I’ve been wanting to use a pair of these under a little used desk for a while – what a find!!!

  3. I know I was stunned at the price too! I hope you get them and do a posting of how they look with your desk!!

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