Buy Local and End Up With Some Great Christmas Gifts for Friends and Family!

December 16, 2009 at 5:38 am | Posted in crafts | 1 Comment

On December 4th I (dragged Drew and Sloan too) attended the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange, Winter Mini at the Chatham Center on East Street that was in conjunction with Mass Avenue’s First Friday Hoopla which included gallery openings, parties and retail stores keeping late night hours with great sales.

We parked on Mass Avenue and walked a few blocks to the Chatham Center that was lined with white rainbarrel luminaries.  Very cool.  Once we got to the Winter Mini we had over 40 vendors to chose from that were showcasing their modern handmade goods.  Trust me no country geese or fabric baskets here!

I thought I’d share with you 3 of my favorite booths. All 3 of the vendors mentioned are from Indianapolis and they all have their items on etsy.

The first one is a must for anyone with a baby girl. Its called elms and cedars. I wanted to buy something and try to get pregnant and hope that I’d have a little girl!

These are called uggl-ly button up boots.

This is called winter berries dress. I think the fabric is darling!

Next is a freelance illustrator, Candice Hartsough McDonald. Her artwork is incredible but my daughter is love with her stuffed animals.

These are called baby cat-erpillars!

This is entitled, “We are Family”.

This is called Ernst the Cardener.

Then there is Sakura Urban by Theresa Goodwin. What can I say but LOVE! Her handmade italian purses screamed touch me, smell me, buy me! Ok, ok, I’m weird by you all know I love a good purse!

This is a leather poppy wrislet

and this is a poppy chain purse.

Again LOVE!!

I made quite a few purchases on my trip but I can’t indulge on what they were because they are Christmas presents but seriously check out their stores and/or head downtown over to Mass Avenue and buy locally and get a unique and one of a kind present for someone while you’re at it!


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  1. wow…love all this stuff…I am going to have to go to this next year!! Great way to do the Christmas shopping!!

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