Inspiration Board to Get the Creativity Flowing

December 11, 2009 at 3:50 am | Posted in inspiration photo, office | 2 Comments
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Inspiration for Friday

This is another room done by Kishani Perera. Of course I love the ikat pillows on the couch, I’ve only mentioned my obsession with the fabric like a million times but what I like most about this home office is the inspiration board. It takes me back to whenI was a teenager and had a wall devoted to clippings from my mom’s home magazines and of course hotties like Corey Hart! Yea, I was a teenager in the ’80s!



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  1. Hi Laurie, Thank you for visiting my blog. So glad you did because now I’ve found yours! I love all the great inspiration photos you’re posting. We seem to like so many of the same things! Thought you might like to take a peek at a mood board that I did. It’s pictured with another of my $3 chairs from Goodwill. I also noticed that you like dressing your busts in costume jewelry. So do I. Here are a few of mine. Have a great weekend! ~Sheilla

    • Thanks for the nice comment, I’m headed over to your blog as I type, hopefully we can keep in touch and share ideas!!

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