Basement Bathroom Remodel

October 23, 2009 at 4:53 am | Posted in bathroom | 4 Comments
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Drew bought our current home prior to me moving in with him so of course I have to give him a little grief because when he was looking at houses this bathroom was actually considered a bathroom! I don’t know about the rest of you but would you even wash your hands in there?

Or take a nice refreshing shower?

Well we finally remodeled the space this summer and are very happy with the results. We used basic ceramic square tiles on the floor and subway tile in the shower area. The sink is mounted to the wall to save on space. We used brushed stainless steel fixtures and everything was bought right off the shelf, to save some dough. The paint is light gray. The shower curtain is from Crate and Barrel (Marimekko-Lahtimaja).

This is our shower stall now, the fixture is hanging from the ceiling so it feels like its raining!

I would have to say that this falls into the category of biggest improvement so far on our house!



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  1. Your bathroom looks awesome…it doesn't even look like the same room!

  2. I don't know L, I pretty much liked the mirror and flourescent light in the b/f picture!!j/k… it looks fab! love gray and black!

  3. Wow!! This bathroom looks great and I absolutely LOVE your shower curtain! I was also looking at a wall mounted sink for a 1/2 guest bathroom to preserve space. Where di you purchase yours? Thanks!

  4. Thank you !! I got the wall mounted sink from good old Home Depot and it was a steal! Good look on your remodel!

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